A bid for Matilda's time

With Matilda seated to his right, in a neat little corner, Jeremy's quest to charm her was officially on!

It started with him stretching his long arms as though waking up from a slumber. Just enough that his fist slid in-between Matilda's face and screen. That did the trick and she looked his way.

"What are you up to?" he asked.

"IXM pre-alerts. I'm just sending out pre-alerts", she said.

Of course she was. The little thing was always working. Which was part of the problem. He just couldn't get her to take a break. But he was up for the challenge of wooing her in the coming days. A few more comments about her job and they were chatting it up. He was giggling and she was playfully throwing paper cut outs at him for being silly. Unfortunately, that was as far as the fun went. Being him, their flirting drew a lot of unwanted attention from the other ladies in the office, and Matilda took notice. She looked up as Magdalene walked past their desk for the umpteenth time and protested.

"Mmmmmhhhh Jeremy. You attract a lot of attention to yourself".

And with that, they both retired to their corners. Matilda was wary of competing for his attention with other women. But he knew that already. Back in Bethel, she'd basically run from him thanks to Amanda's pursuits.

The next day she was back to being her busy self, and he was equally occupied. Nonetheless, he made efforts to get her attention.

"Do you miss me?" he flirted sometime in the middle of the day. He'd been away from their desk all morning. Matilda only gave him a shy nod.

"I'm coming", he said before dashing off to the boardroom to complete an errand. He quickly rushed back to her and pronounced.

"I'm back".

She was happy at his statement and tried to hide her smile.

"I was just joking," she said.

"I wasn't", he replied.

But despite all that lathering of attention, she continued to fix herself on her screen. Hiding in her work and maintaining a coy attitude. Jeremy became impatient.

"What do you even like about your job?" he chided as his irritation got the better of him. The day was nearing it's end and Matilda was sure to leave as soon as the clock hit 4PM. She always did. Only to dash home, or to the inn in this case, and resume working.

On Wednesday, Jeremy tried a different tactic to get Matilda's attention. Envy. By flirting with the local accountant; a buxom, beautiful woman he flaunted in her face. and like clockwork, it worked. Matilda was visibly vexed by him giving another woman attention and she avoided him for the rest of the day. Not exactly what he'd wanted to accomplish.

Jeremy was running out of time. Matilda and Draco were set to travel back to Bethel on Friday morning and he'd technically ostracized himself. But just then, God looked down and threw him a bone. Paul called on Thursday to inform them that the duo's visit had been extended by another week. Good Heavens! Perhaps in the coming week, he'd have better luck bidding for Matilda's time.

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