A helping arm

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Gingerly Ms. Honey put her right leg out of the vehicle. Moving ever so slowly so as not to rouse the nausea she was fighting down. After weeks of putting off her visit to the oncologist, she finally gave in to the demands of her body and made the thirty minute drive to the local hospital.

Next was her left leg and she was careful with moving that too. Her body felt almost alien with pain seeping through her joints at every move. She took a deep breath and looked up at the clear, blue skies above her. It was a beautiful December day, her favourite time of the year. If Matilda were home, they'd have made plans for a day of fun on christmas eve, bought thoughtful gifts to share on the christian holiday and baked a ton of cup cakes for the neighborhood. But instead, her little girl was off working in a foreign country, and she was fighting for her life. Last she saw her doctor, she was told the endometrial cancer would most likely remain confined to her uterus. Most likely, but maybe not, because she felt like death as she struggled to move out of the empty, hospital parking lot.

Placing her right hand on the car door for support, Ms. Honey finally stood. A wave of pain instantly hit her and she slid back into the driver's seat. Her heartbeat came in rapid bouts against her chest, and her car keys almost slipped out of her sweaty palm. How was she supposed to make it into the building? The thought of having a nurse carry or wheel her into the hospital made her blush with embarrassment. But then again, she was a little short on options, and her throat was dry anyways. Even if she wanted to call out for help, she probably couldn't.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared to her left and Ms. Honey looked up to a tall figure blocking the sun's rays.


"What's wrong?"He didn't bother with niceties

"I'm here to see my doctor", she replied.

"That's obvious. But why are you just sitting there" he said as he moved to stand directly in front of her and crouched.

"Oh", she took another deep breath, "just taking a minute. I'm fine" she felt the need to add with the added scrutiny from his intense gaze. Ms. Honey always knew John was handsome. The women in town swooned over him. Staring back at him then, she felt a little self conscious and wished she didn't look as she felt.

"You need help getting into the building, don't you?" he stated.

Ms. Honey's mouth went dry and she licked her lower lip in nervousness. John's gaze followed the simple act, which made her mind go fuzzy and she confessed, "Yes. I need help?"

Why was it that John could see right through her? He remained crouched for what felt like eternity, staring at her lips and Ms. Honey half expected him to move forward and kiss her. But just then, he stood, taking her car keys from her hand as he did. Ms. Honey unconsciously followed him and was just about to take a step forward when he leaned down, swept his right arm beneath her knees and picked her up into his arms.

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