Back from Axis

Leaving Axis gave Matilda a feeling of nostalgia. She'd met some new people, sparred with a few, and flirted a ton with Jeremy. By the time they'd reached and crossed over to the border town of Aelum, Mr Silas - their driver - was waiting to ferry them back to Bethel.

"Jeremy's asking if you miss him?" Draco asked as he looked across the SUV's back seat at Matilda.

Perhaps a little bitter from the sullen goodbye Jeremy had given her, Matilda retorted, "tell him I miss Paul. He makes me laugh".

Draco chuckled and returned his attention to his phone call. He spoke fluent Swahili as such Matilda didn't understand what message he conveyed to Jeremy. Tucking away that interference, Matilda let her mind drift away to her work. The purpose of her travel to Axis had been to find a back up. She'd met Gabriel Pompom and when asked about their relationship, she'd told Paul 'it was a work in progress' during their debrief. Before she could delegate any documentation work to Gabby, she had to train her and build some sort of rapport with the lady.

Quickly, she pulled out her laptop from the black bag pack resting on the floor of the vehicle. Turning it on, she opened her emails and sent Gabby a message. For two weeks, Matilda would induct her to the role of assistant bookkeeper. In the email, she made sure to communicate the start date of the induction and her expectations. Perhaps not the most tactical way of forging a bond with her new assistant, but it gave Matilda a start. After sending the email to Gabby, she read all her outstanding emails, downloaded some documents to work on later, and turned off the company device.

The rest of the drive back to Bethel was subdued. Despite herself, Matilda did actually miss Jeremy. She thought of how she'd share her meeting him with Ms. Honey. Ms. Honey was going to want to hear all about the man who'd pursued her adopted daughter with such abandon. For Matilda, months had passed since she last saw her best friend and confidant, and she couldn't wait to go back home. Once at the Bethel office, she'd finalize her internship and prepare for her trip to Livingston.

Warmth settled in Matilda's chest, and she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. The quaint and familiar sights of her hometown filling her mind. Her leaving Axis had been rather somber, but there was after all some reprieve at the end of the visit.

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