Blogging becomes a challenge.....oh, and happy Women's day!!

When I started this blog, I only had to document my work life at the risk of setting off a few colleagues here and there. Then that life ended and I started school. When you hit thirty, it's probably a good time to get more qualifications, a Masters degree for example. But boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

No longer could I free style when writing, but every thought had to be curated before it's documented. Lest my lecturers give me an F for poor grammar and inconsequential writing. I am approaching exam time and haven't a clue how I am going to navigate the difficult challenge of getting a good grade. It's a scary feeling that drove me to blog this happy, and balmy (central African, Savanah balmy that is) women's day!

I hope you, my readers are having a less stressful time than I am. I hope you're off from work, on a beach somewhere basking away your troubles!!

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