Christmas confessions

Dear reader,

As I understand it, we haven't been in touch for a while now. I've been adjusting to my new reality as I'm sure you've been occupied too. Anyways, on this very special occasion (you know....the ho, ho, ho, merry xmas kinda event), I thought it only appropriate to wish you a happy holiday. And edge in some details about my life.

Last I wrote about myself, I was excited about the prospect of doing what is known as the altMBA. But that didn't work out (I applied but wasn't accepted) and I was back to square one. After weighing my options, I re-applied to another local university, was thankfully accepted and am now pursuing an MBA in Finance.

So how's school? well, it's a huge adjustment from working in logistics. Much slower, quite bulky, and unfortunately not as exciting. But as I'm being taught, in finance you sometimes have to investment in something that won't yield immediate returns but promises something greater in the future. I just have to buckle down and do the hard work.

And speaking of hard work, something else on my plate is finding a new job. I tell ya, in the Zambian economy, it's hard to find work. But I'm hopeful and geared for the challenge.....i.e. to complete both my MBA and find a new purpose to wake up to each morning! Hope you've been as productive as I'm striving to be, and I wish you the very best in the coming year!!!


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