Finding a niche......

In May of this year I got sacked from a job I loved. Why? to be friendly, lets say I had 'creative' differences with new management. Either way, thanks to a smart mouth I landed myself a one way ticket out on the streets. Some laughed, and even took a swing at me while down, but I survived. Somehow I always do.

That said, I'm afraid I'll always challenge authority if in the wrong....who set's the rules, you might ask? GOD! Is the answer. Born to a religious man, I was raised to believe wrong doers always get their comeuppance. So while those in authority flex their muscles and fire hard working employees for making snarky comments here and there, you good Sirs and Ma'ams, no good deed goes unrewarded!

While I pray to GOD (....not for the bad people to receive punishment, and what have you) to guide and protect me, I'm hoping he helps me figure out a few things;

  1. Solopreneurship: According to some book, the creator of all things laboured 6 days and on the 7th, he just had to take a minute to appreciate his work. And to rest. But also to appreciate just how fine his work was! After losing my 9-5, I'm hesitant to go back, invest a piece of myself, and risk having someone take it all away from me.When or if your work is done in ernest, it becomes a child and you fall in love. GOD himself is a lover of his work. Should I blog only, or can I do both a 9-5 and blog. Can the heart accommodate both?

  2. School: To become a good writer or learn to moderate this mouth of mine, I need education. I've already applied for the altMBA workshop. If that fails, I'm sure the good LORD can guide me to something just as good.

  3. Babies, babies, babies: Boy do I want a baby. A cute little thing to cuddle and play with. I don't mind the crying and pooping. I'm tough and can take care of all that. Problem lies with finding a husband; failed at that feat twice already, But perhaps GOD has a reason for denying me both baby and husband thus far, maybe I need to grow up a little bit more. Maybe even find a niche first.

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