How about some sugar?

"Morning Jeremy?"

"Aaaahh it's fine. I'll just eat myself"

Matilda paused mid step as she was heading to her desk. What the hell? did Jeremy just proposition her?

"Mmmmmhhhh. You don't even have anyone to eat. That's just sad", she tried to play off the advance. Her seat was a little too hot to settle in so she dropped her bag pack and made a quick dash to the staff kitchen. She'd grabbed some breakfast from the inn on her way to the office and placed the packed meal in the microwave. Could Jeremy be that forward? She knew he liked her; he'd been throwing her all kinds of attention since they met, but surely he didn't expect her to just sleep with him! She barely knew him. The microwave pinged and she opened the door. Maybe he was just kidding. But in case he wasn't she had to put some distance between them in the coming week, Matilda surmised as she made her way back to the desk. Thankfully, they didn't talk much the rest of the day.

On Thursday, opportunity to put her plan into action came through an argument. Well, she grew angry with Jeremy when he informed her she had to delegate some of her work. Apparently, that was the reason for her visit, to find a suitable back up. But Matilda was a little too controlling to let someone else handle work she'd put so much effort curating.

"I told you. Give me the time I need to do things my way" she scolded.

Jeremy didn't fight back. He listened as she whined. But his stance was different the next day when she chose to move from the dais to the operating floor where her proposed back up, a Gabriel Pompon, was stationed.

"Excuse me, excuse me" Matilda shuffled her chair through a throng of people still huddled together after that morning's meeting. Jeremy was now standing on the dais, looming over her as she migrated. She didn't much care if he was unhappy, he instructed she delegate and this was how she was going to do it. By moving next to Gabby and away from him.

On the operating floor, she got a chill reception from Gabby. The lady was hostile, banged on Matilda's desk, and demanded she share her work. Giving Matilda more reservations. Matilda needed an escape, but she couldn't very well go back to Jeremy. So she pulled her chair up to a young man called Sutter Mills, whose work was in poor shape.

"Hi Sutter. How are you", she spoke softly to him.

"Hi" he replied.

"I notice you have a lot of outstanding proof of deliveries and was hoping we can work on them together this morning. Just to figure out what the bottlenecks are and see how we can fix them".

He didn't object and welcomed her to his side. But just as they started working, a bark from the dais came.

"Sutter! I need those orders sent to the driver like yesterday!" Jeremy said.

But Sutter's response didn't come soon enough because in no time, Jeremy was walking to his desk, demanding orders be sent out immediately. What was with this office, Matilda thought. Jeremy was being just as rude as Gabby had been. He interfered with her work, disregarding it as though unimportant and Matilda had to slide back to her new, and unfortunately hostile, station. But perhaps that was Jeremy's way of making her pay for denying him some of her sugar.

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