How to report to the office

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The Axian office was much like the Bethel one. With the exception of it having a homely feel to it

What Matilda assumed was once the living room of the house, was now the main operating floor on which most personnel were stationed. As they stood for that morning's meeting, Matilda took in the sight before her. In the centre of the room were two rows, with two stations on each. A station had a black chair, a wooden table top on which lay a large monitor and a laptop. Dividing the stations were small partitions in the centre of each row. All around the rows were then more stations spread out at uneven intervals. And just above the surrounding stations, were even larger monitors showing different metrics of the company's fleet. One monitor showed the number of trucks over speeding, another those stuck at borders and so on. Overlooking all this, was a dais on which Jeremy's return desk, and herself, were. To her left was a Xerox printer and a doorway in which some people stood. To her right was the main entrance and a shelf along the corridor that had a few toy trucks on it. It reminded Matilda of a little boy's room.

In the meeting, Jeremy was courteous enough to introduce Matilda. Cool, calm, and collected, like the head of operations that he was, he leaned over one of the rows and addressed the room.

"We are joined by Matilda this morning. I want you guys to make her feel at home. I don't want her to feel like an outsider or anything like that", he said.

Matilda blushed. He sounded like a father introducing his little girl on her first day at school. But ultimately she was grateful for his intervention. She gave the team a small wave at Jeremy's introduction. No one waved back. As the meeting went on, senior officers spoke to what was on the monitors above, much like at the Bethel office. This was all done under ten minutes, after which everyone got cracking. No time for chit chats as trucks were already on the move. Such was the pace in logistics.

After the meeting, as Jeremy was joining her at the return desk, he got a call. It was Paul and he was livid!.

"I'm in the office", Matilda heard Jeremy speak meekly into the phone.

"She's also here. She's sitting right next to me", he said which finally got Matilda to look his way. She didn't need any more cues to figure out that Draco's absence in the office was the reason for Paul's call. Draco was simply reckless. But despite that fact, Jeremy defended his behavior.

"He's hardworking and people appreciate that", he said.

Matilda disagreed.

"We all work hard. It doesn't give you the right of passage to be reckless when you can. That's not how you should behave", she shot back. While Draco's behavior was his own, she and Jeremy were affected by it. They'd travelled as a team and Draco's lack of responsibility was reflecting badly on them.

A few more calls from human resources and Draco finally crawled out from his room to report for work. He pleaded a stomach bug to which Jeremy laughed and human resources scowled. A hearing that AM was held to hold him accountable for his actions.

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