Matilda 'the trouble maker' Wormwood

For most of her life, Matilda was contending with trouble. If she wasn't running from an angry mob of seniors, she was hiding from an angry bully back in pre-school. As time went on, she learnt how to talk her way out of predicaments. But occasionally.....just occasionally, the very tool of her salvation was her downfall. Her mouth sometimes got her into trouble!

Monday morning and she was back at the Bethel office. Back to contending with its politics.

"Good morning Benny. Please assist me with an update on my passport", she wrote to the company's compliance officer.

"It's not my job to run errands on your behalf", was Benny's rather rude response a few hours later. "If you want your passport, you can pay the immigration office a visit yourself".

That irked Matilda, and instead of taking the high road she shot back saying,

"before my travel to Axis, a cash advance was given to you to obtain my passport. Your inability to provide the document speaks to your incompetence. Nonetheless, thank you for the feedback and I will resolve the issue myself".

Matilda should have known better than to pick a fight with one of the most sleazy personnel in the office. Before she could blink, Amanda was at her side demanding answers.

"I hear you and Benny had an exchange and the word incompetent was used?" Amanda asked, the despise in her eyes barely concealed.

Benny reported directly to Amanda, as did Matilda. So in effect, two of Amanda's subordinates were having a tiff. Matilda tried to brush off the incident, there really was no need for Amanda to intervene.

"It's nothing really. I'll resolve the issue with Benny", she said with a small smile.

But Amanda was having none of it. Quickly she rose from her seat to speak with her accomplice Lillith, who was probably the only other person in the office to despise Matilda more.

After a few minutes of deliberating, the two women sauntered to Matilda's desk and Amanda spoke down to her,

"we need to have a meeting with you and human resources. Benny does not report to you and you had no right calling him incompetent".

Crap! Was she in trouble. Meekly she acquiesced and followed the two women and Benny to the boardroom. They sat her down, spitting daggers at her with their looks. Benny was allowed to air his grievance. Apparently, he was deeply offended by Matilda's remark and felt he was entitled to an apology.

"When you write an email calling a colleague incompetent, its on record and permanent. So you have to be careful how you address people", Lillith rightly cautioned.

"Also, Benny doesn't answer to you. He has a lot on his plate. Getting you a passport was simply a favor and not his duty", scolded Amanda.

Matilda conceded she'd made a losing her temper. To appease her prosecutors, she looked both ladies and sleazy gentleman in the eyes and apologized. Lillith took the apology, as did Benny, but Amanda wanted more punishment. The next few days were followed by more unfair treatment from Amanda, that Matilda had to quietly endure......for the time being!

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