Ms. Honey's Lair

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

She needed him! She wanted him! In a way she'd never yearned for the good Lord before. Did that make her a sinner? A wanton?? One minute John was tenderly soothing away her fears, the next he was ignoring her. True, his service to God came before all else, but surely he understood her fear, and her loneliness? Had she not shown him how desperate she was? Also, summer was nearing it's end and Matilda would soon be home. How was she going to face her? how on God's green earth was she supposed to shatter her little girl's heart into a million pieces??!

Ms. Honey blew her nose into the crinkled handkerchief in her right hand, momentarily drawing her attention away from the antique TV screen. Today's world was much more different from the 80's; buildings were taller and bizarre. Durex dispensers in elevators? surely that was what privies were for? and the vehicles! they were many more and fancier; as were the roads, bridges and statutes. Everything........everything, save for Matilda's little abode, was bigger and extravagant.

A quaint, one storey country house with plenty of trees, sunflowers, tulips, dandelions and all kinds of bloom adorned Matilda's home, just the way she loved it. In her latest postcard, she sounded really excited at the thought of solving the many enigmas 'Bethel' had to offer. Which was just like her, and perfectly dandy! It gave Ms. Honey time to finalize her affairs, as prescribed by the medical leech. Ms. Honey much rather thought it gave GOD time to bless her with a miracle!

It took some effort (a little waggling and some wiggling about here and there), but she got up from her living room sofa and staggered to the kitchen. Perhaps another cup of lemon tea would relieve the ache in her bones. One step, two steps, three steps, and she had to breath and rest her loins, a little. Jesus, Joseph and Mary!!! how was she going to get through the coming month? She'd completely bulked at the idea of taking chemotherapy; if God was calling her home, she was going there with no arsenal of man made remedies in her body; she'd return to her maker, as he'd fashioned her!! Pure with nothing to alter her form and shape.....least of all her spirit! "Knock! Knock!, Knock!" came a sudden sound to her right. Good heavens!! Was it time already?? Besides, she could barely walk to her stove, let alone heaven's doors! But the sound came again, after a few more seconds; drat! someone was at the kitchen door. "Please come in!", she shouted. Slowly, the door slid open to reveal a tall and handsome, as usual, father John with a healthy bouquet of red, pink and white roses in hand.

Against Ms. Honey's will, a wave of relief washed over her and she took a deep breath. But accusation was palpable on her face and in her eyes, she was sure. After a week's abscence, what did he want? "Hi Jane?" John greeted, in that deep voice that made women go weak at the knees, and forgive him for anything. Thankfully, Ms. Honey's knees were already battling arthralgia, and she'd already given her quota of pardons for the day; Carmen, Matilda's naughty grey cat was the last recipient. "John! to what do I owe the pleasure?" "Can I come in?" he pressed, feigning some innocence. She'd much rather watch a truck run him over, but was afraid the good Lord would take her to task for thinking such evil. So despite herself, despite her pain (physical and emotional) Ms. Honey straightened, smiled and invited father John into her lair.

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