Survival of the fittest

One of my favorite shows on television, is a game called survivor!'

And while the television show is practically a controlled environment with people playing for some hefty $$ reward, I can't help but compare it to real life. In particular, my own.

The objective of survivor is to outwit, outplay and outlast all other members on a designated island, and emerge the sole survivor. To do this, you have to employ a series of technical and social skills......not either or, but both! Fail to do so, and you find yourself voted off the island....which could be equated to finding yourself alone, unemployed, broke, homeless....and starving, to boot!!

In my 30years of living, I've made countless errors, blunders, name it! Both personally and professionally. I'm smart and can easily grasp concepts, but when presented with an early opportunity at a safe, admittedly mundane, career in accounting, I got impatient and quickly abandoned the job. You'd think my next stop in a top tier corporate bank would quell my run away nature, but I let my ego get in the way and burnt bridges. And it only gets worse from there. After some searching and a lot of hard work, I finally, finally found work that I was good at and enjoyed doing in logistics. I even thought I found love there.....but I was sorely mistaken, got carried away and lost everything!

I'm like a survivor contestant with zero survival instincts! I have the technical skills, but often let my mouth and temper run off! Time and time again I've had to fall and get back up again!

In the end, nothing's as good a teacher as life! Through all the failures and heart have to get a little more humble, tougher, responsible and hopefully wiser! How else do we grow?? 💜

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