The bus driver and his conductor.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Once there was a white bus, it's driver, conductor and their passengers; and they were travelling to a hospital. When there, the bus stopped at the children's ward to let out a passenger. After the conductor and passenger got off, they were negotiating change when the bus moved on, leaving the conductor behind.

Only after driving to the adult's ward, a few feet away, did the bus driver realize he'd left His conductor behind and stopped the bus. Turning off the ignition, he then got out of the vehicle , and ran all the way back to the children's ward; leaving behind, yet again, amused passengers and his bus. When at the children's ward, the driver and his conductor began to squabble. But it took them only a few minutes to come to an agreement, and finally make their way back to their bus and passengers, to resume their journey.

Moral of the story: To travel on a successful journey, all crew members or parts are needed. A bus cannot move forward without it's engine or wheels.

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