Travel in Logistics

So much for travelling in style! Friday came and it was a bad hair day! Just literally a day when Matilda's hair was a mean mess. The trek she had to make that morning didn't help. Apparently, somebody in the office had told the pool bus driver not to pick her - and luggage; a rook sack and handy dandy laptop bag - up. Bullocks!

Plus, the pile of documents on her desk could not have come at a worse time. Proof of Delivery, or as they were notoriously known PoDs, had arrived that AM in a sack. An actual sack of documents showing that Expedient had done it's job. As the company bookkeeper, all she had do was sort and dispatch the documents to clients. Easy-peasy stuff, if - by God, if - she had the time. They were leaving for Axis at half past noon. Not nearly enough time for her to properly code, catalogue and dispatch all the files at her desk.

"Even as we receive work and are maybe under pressure, we need to make sure the work is done properly. Don't just sweep things under the carpet", said Paul during that morning meeting.

No kidding. Clearly Matilda needed the reminder to do her job, right! right?

"Just give the documents to Mildred. She's supposed to be helping you anyways", Draco came over to Matilda's desk and offered, adding credence to Paul's earlier statement.

Could the guy get any more boorish?! Mildred - the receptionist - had little to no experience handling PoDs.

But Matilda simply blinked at him and said, "okay".

She was on the clock. As quickly as she could, she placed sets of documents in folders and labelled them. Perhaps she'd been too quick to disregard Draco's suggestion and Mildred could easily follow her example. By 12:30 pm, she was still buried in paper work when Mr. Silas - their designated driver from the small town of Bethel to the border town of Aelum - arrived. She had to handover the work. Scribbling down a detailed note, she walked over to the reception with the remaining unsorted documents in hands.

"Hi Mildred. I hate to be such a bother, but I need your assistance", she said.

Work delegated, she made for Paul's office before picking up her bag. It be rude not to say goodbye. Jeremy and Draco were already in his office having a conversation Matilda couldn't be bothered with.

"Is this a private conversation?" she interrupted. Paul only nodded.

"Our plan is to have Magdalene handling the pre-alerts as well", Jeremy said, drawing Matilda's attention. Were they worried she'd drop the ball while on the road? She looked back at Paul. He certainly wore the look of an old, tired man. Her heart pinched a little.

True she had father John back home, but really, Matilda didn't have a father. Someone to look up to; someone whose feelings she cared not to hurt; someone she loved. "Don't worry", she heard herself say suddenly, "I won't be away from my computer too long".

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