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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Once they landed, clearance at the airport was without muss or fuss and they were greeted by another company driver to ferry them to a local inn. Matilda expected more of the great city, but as they drove through potholed and graveled roads strewn with children and chickens running about, she was reminded of home. They drove to a two storey inn where she and Draco booked into separate, adjacent rooms. But before Matilda could survey her room, Jeremy ran into it like an overbearing boyfriend would. She took some offense. Well, slightly.

"Hey!" she scolded. "You're not supposed to be in here".

That earned her a nonchalant retreat from the perpetrator. The guy had some nerve, Matilda thought as she followed him and their attendants back to the reception. She was starving and needed something to eat. But just like at the airport, Jeremy showed no courtesy and she had to buy her own lunch. The boys were not gentle either and chose to go out and play, leaving her behind with nothing to do but clean her dirty laundry. Matilda took comfort in knowing that the next day she'd be neat, clean and ready for the office while the boys would probably be nursing some booze induced ailment.

And she was right. Monday morning came and Draco was still holed up in his room when their chauffeur arrived. Attempts to get him to come out proved futile so Matilda left the inn without him. A mini van was waiting as she stepped out of the building and she quickly got in. As she did, she was greeted by Mr Opel, their head of human resources. Coincidentally, he too was visiting Axis that week and they rode to the office together. On the drive, they made small chat and Matilda made sure to steer clear of any discussion concerning Draco's whereabouts that morning. The last thing she needed was to be labelled a tattler.

They drove for a few minutes through the city till they came to a black gate along a gravelled road. The gate swung open revealing a short, paved driveway strewn with dried mango leaves from overhanging trees. As they entered, Matilda took notice of what appeared to be warehouses on either side of the driveway, just before the car parked directly in front of a main house with a veranda. She quickly got out of the vehicle, trailed Mr Opel up the veranda and he opened the door for her. Once inside and just to the right of the entry was Jeremy. Surprise! surprise! Leaning over a return desk.

As soon as he saw her, he pulled up a nearby chair and placed it to one end of the desk, next to his own. Well now, Matilda supposed that was his way of giving her a seat and she quietly sauntered to it.

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