What's your hobby?

So today a classmate of mine said they thought I read as a hobby......and for some reason, I took affront! Goodness me, I'm sure there was something fun about me? I couldn't be that bland!! But the truth is, reading is something I do often.....after all, I'm a student. Isn't that what students do??

It's time for bed and I realize that that statement made me very defensive. It's true...... I do read a lot, but it's a solitary activity, and most times not much fun! So now begs the question, what can I do to spruce up my life.....and have a little fun while at it?! Well.....I have a few notes in my purse, and if they're still there by Friday this week, I will take myself out!!! Go to a club, sit by the bar and chat with the bartender (that's what singles do in clubs right??). Or I might just hit on those big boys stationed at the entrance!!!!

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